Some of our achievements

  • Delphi Care: A scientific database with information on Belgian and foreign drugs. QLD is responsible for several management modules and the website which is accessible to more than 4,000 pharmacists.
  • Tarief voor Ziekenhuizen: management of all data for charging and billing for both hospitalized and outpatients. QLD is the partner of APB in building the new version of this application.
  • Tarief der Farmaceutische Specialiteiten: database containing information on registered medicines. ‘Tarief der Farmaceutische Specialiteiten' contains pricing and repayment terms and delivery and storage arrangements. QLD is responsible for the operation of the website
  • MyQualityAssistant: The Quality Manual is the practical translation of the Guide to Good Pharmaceutical Practice for Pharmacies. MyQualityAssistant is a generic model for each pharmacy which can be filled in to meet the specific situation. QLD developed the website for APB. This site is available to more than 4,000 pharmacists.
  • Accreditation-RIZIV/INAMI: a web application for managing the accreditation of doctors and pharmacist-biologists. QLD was responsible for coaching the team of developers.
  • Medega-RIZIV/INAMI: an application for registration of the fees for general practitioners participating in an on-call rota. QLD contributed to the management application for payments.


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